Reinterpreting Slot Canyons in Monochrome

Vortex in Monochrome

Filled with vibrant, ever changing hues, with light bouncing off the multifaceted rock formations, the slot canyons evoke visions of kaleidoscopic color patterns, and most images reflect this color palette.

I recently “revisited” my latest set of images captured in the Antelope Canyons near Page AZ and reinterpreted a few select ones in monochrome.  A couple of these images can also be found in their color versions in the “Antelope Canyon Gallery” portfolio page, while others did not catch my eye on the first color viewing but have captured my imagination in monochrome.

Monochrome Wave

As an admitted Black & White enthusiast, I am drawn to monochrome images that capture texture and movement, and while most scenes lend themselves better to either color or B&W processing, the canyons are one of the rare locations that can produce fabulous images in both.

I’d be interested to hear your feedback as to which you prefer – color or B&W.


Wave, soft texture, monochrome

Wave, soft texture, monochrome

Second Wave, monochrome

Chief, monochrome


Undulations, monochrome


Primordial, monochrome

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