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Who am I?

Father, surgeon, writer, traveler, and photographer.  I live and work in Atlanta Georgia, USA. My passion for traveling, studying vision, and exploring the architecture and symbolism of ancient civilizations has stimulated my expression through the photographic medium.

 I am a passionate amateur photographer inspired to refine my photographic vision and the quality of my work.  Along the way I have read countless books, magazine articles, blogs, and spoken with and taken a few lessons from other amateur and professional photographers. 

In this reading I have noted some potential gaps in the available information, notably for the advanced amateur no longer looking for the basics of aperture/shutter/ISO/White balance or shooting Raw vs. Jpeg, and for areas where the information is available but not so clearly laid out as one might like, basically the gap between “you need to do this” to “exactly how do I do this?”  A prime example of this is the nuts-and-bolts of shooting during the Golden and Blue Hours (the subject of one of my blogs).

I have also discovered some most interesting locations along my travels, with hopefully more to come with each passing year!  I’d like to share those with you, because, unlike many photographer’s writings, where the broad strokes re there but the specific details are lacking, I’d like to share what I find in the world that may be of interest to others and encourage others to do the same!

So, with that brief background, I hope you enjoy or at least find something useful in the information I post.  Please feel free to comment, confirm facts posted, correct me where I’m wrong, or just flat out disagree with what I write!

I also have a web site www.randlemangallery.com that holds more of my images – please pop over and take a look!

Thanks and stood shooting,


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